One Final Sendoff

One problem that frequently pops up at a retirement dinner: one or more proclamations are not ready to present to the retiree.

In the case of one John Nelson, the legendary Captain II of Light Force 102 for 20 years, there were two proclamations that were delayed.

On a sunny morning in Valley Village, members of Fire Station 102 and Fire Station 33 gathered as Cap Nelson was given his due recognition by Battalion Chief Patrick Shanley.

Even the President of the United States sent his congratulations to John on his retirement after more than 50 years of service to the City of Los Angeles

All of the guys gathered around to talk with their old skipper, who remained in busy assignments to the end of his career.

You think he misses the job? Happy retirement, John. Take many trips to New York!


Our Fire Department has been hit unusually hard by cancer during the past year. With this in mind, the Los Angeles Fire Department has partnered with the American Cancer Society to support and promote a cancer awareness campaign during the month of October.

As part of that involvement, the Fire Chief has approved a plan where our members will be allowed to wear personalized silicone wristlets while on duty during the month of October. Additionally, members may wear a small metal pink ribbon pin on their uniform, as this month is nationally recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (NCBAM)

We have been given this great opportunity to promote Cancer Awareness in the LAFD. Specifically, we hope to encourage our membership to identify a family member, a friend, a firefighter, a neighbor, or anyone afflicted by any form of cancer - and to support that person in their struggle, or to honor them for their courage while battling this disease. We can do this by ordering wristlets with their name or personal message de-bossed in the wristlet, and by wearing those wristlets during the entire month of October.

Cancer of any kind can present a challenge to all that are affected by the disease...not only the individual but also their surrounding relationships as a whole. Some people have a more intimate relationship with the affected person than others, but no matter how you came into their life. your interest is the their survival....this is human nature!

The wearing of pins and wristlets is a completely voluntary endeavor, not mandated by the Fire Department. It is our hope that every shift at every station participates and uses this opportunity to show our solidarity and our class as professionals! We are not asking for any donations and we are not asking anyone to give up any free time. We are simply asking our members to support or honor the person of their choice in their battle against cancer.

Thank you in advance for your support. Please take this opportunity to get involved thorough this simple, yet very positive cancer awareness campaign. Your wristlets should be ordered as soon as possible to ensure they arrive for the October campaign. Members seeking additional information about the American Cancer Society may visit their website at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the coordinator of this endeavor, Captain Al Poirier at Fire Station 60, "A" Platoon or by email at

Battalion 14 Transfers

All transfers effective September 16, 2007.

TOHILL, John CI 78-B 42-B
CORNTASSEL, Brian FF 89-B 20-B
BACHMAN, Evan FF 24-A 89-B
GORMAN, Robert FF 86-A 109-A
SEIGLE, Matt FF 86-C 4-A
HAYES, Michael FF 102-A 34-A
GALLER, Eric FF 102-B 34-B
SANKEY, Daniel FF 60-A 62-A
HORST, Michael FF 60-B 62-B
BENNETT, Lee FF 60-C 62-C
PETRICH, Bryan FF 94-A 86-A
THOMPSON, Richard FF 94-B 86-B
SAFRAN, Michael FF 94-C 86-C
BRIEN, David FF/PM RA75-A RA86-C

Paramedic Coded Assign Hire to End Sept. 9

The last day for the Paramedic Coded Assign Hire trial program, recently rejected by rank-and-file paramedics, is September 9, 2007. All paramedic vacancies starting on September 10 will be filled using the previous Assign Hire procedures, with the following exceptions.

All firefighter/paramedics assigned to authorized paramedic positions are eligible for assign hire to paramedic positions only. The change here is that previously, RA paramedics and AE paramedics at stations with a paramedic RA were eligible for RA vacancies only, AE paramedics at stations without a paramedic RA were eligible for AE vacancies only, and rotational paramedics (those not in an authorized position) were eligible for FF vacancies only. During the trial program, a new MOU went into effect that authorized the rotational paramedic positions. The only paramedics who will not be eligible for assign hire as paramedics are those assigned to firefighter positions not authorized as paramedic positions. Otherwise, the rule is: a paramedic is a paramedic is a paramedic.

All firefighter/paramedics assigned to authorized paramedic positions are eligible for the 96-hour, "you can't touch me" exemption. Previously, only RA paramedics and AE paramedics at stations with a paramedic RA were eligible for this exemption. Paramedics assigned to firefighter positions not authorized as paramedic positions are not eligible for this exemption.

The 96-hour exemption is earned for any SOD worked in an authorized paramedic position. Previously, this exemption could only be earned by working on a paramedic RA.

Remember, since we're back to the old rules, detailing of paramedics moves back in front of assign hiring.

Battalion 14 Transfers

All transfers effective September 2, 2007.

CERPA, Sergio FF 56-B 102-C
ROQUE, George FF 102-C ACCT-C
RIEGER, Michael FF/PM RA89-A RA84-C
MARTIN, Edward FF/SA B6-C B14-A


Construction continues on new Fire Station 78 in Studio City. Partition walls are currently being constructed and dry wall is being hung in the 2 story living area. Block wall work continues on the heavy apparatus bays and sub-contractors continue to install the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components of the Fire Station.

Work continues on the 2 story portion of the Fire Station. Located downstairs will be the office, training room, community-conference room, kitchen, work rooms, storage rooms, and work-out room. Upstairs will be the dorms, locker rooms and restrooms.

Ground level view of the three light apparatus bays. Apparatus doors will be bi-parting aluminum doors.

Drywall being hung and steel stud partition walls being installed.

Workers continue to construct the CMU block walls for the heavy apparatus bays.

Aerial view of the east side of the fire station which will face Whitsett Avenue. Heavy apparatus will respond from the three drive through heavy apparatus bays.

Aerial view of the north side of the Fire Station showing the three drive through heavy apparatus bays. The longer bay will accommodate the hook and ladder truck.

Three light apparatus bays will be be located on the south side of the Fire Station. Rescue Ambulances and Command vehicles will respond from these bays.

Completion of the Fire Station is still scheduled for early 2008.

Paramedic Coded Assign Hire Voted Down

The Coded Assign Hire Trial Program for paramedics is in limbo in the wake of its rejection by rank-and-file paramedics. A majority of United Firefighters of Los Angeles paramedics voted to end the trial, which was scheduled to end August 15. A Special Notice issued by LAFD administration officials acknowledged the vote, but added that "the current coded Assign Hire program will continue to be used to fill paramedic vacancies until Network Staffing System changes can be addressed. The Department will continue to work with UFLAC to determine the appropriate Paramedic Assign Hire procedures to return to, including procedures consistent with the recently increased number of authorized paramedic positions." Assign Hires beyond August 15 will remain in place until more information is available.

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