One Final Sendoff

One problem that frequently pops up at a retirement dinner: one or more proclamations are not ready to present to the retiree.

In the case of one John Nelson, the legendary Captain II of Light Force 102 for 20 years, there were two proclamations that were delayed.

On a sunny morning in Valley Village, members of Fire Station 102 and Fire Station 33 gathered as Cap Nelson was given his due recognition by Battalion Chief Patrick Shanley.

Even the President of the United States sent his congratulations to John on his retirement after more than 50 years of service to the City of Los Angeles

All of the guys gathered around to talk with their old skipper, who remained in busy assignments to the end of his career.

You think he misses the job? Happy retirement, John. Take many trips to New York!

SA Curry,

I only wish you guys had more time to post on the blog.

Congratulations and best wished to Captain Nelson on his retirement.

A Safe and Happy New Year to the members on LAFD Battalion 14.

Portland, OR
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